Join Aliant®

Aliant is a highly-entrepreneurial law firm focused on exceptional client service in all areas of international law. We are looking for star law firms around the world.

Here is how you may benefit by joining Aliant: have greater control over your practice, access new clients and new markets, collaborate and network with star lawyers in other countries, compete with Big Law at a fraction of their overhead, generate new business through our centralized marketing and PR, step up to the latest technology, share experience and wisdom. We want our partners to improve their work-life balance, and Aliant’s entrepreneurial structure enables that.

Partnership in Aliant is limited to firms with strong academic backgrounds, exceptional track records in an area of international law, peer recognition and scholastic accomplishments, such as published works or lecturing experience.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at You will get a response from one of our senior partners within 48 hours.