Curriculum Vitae

Through his work with commercial interests across cross-sections of the Nigerian economy over the last 23 years, Olufemi has built valuable experience, insights, friendships, contacts and the integrity needed to be outstanding in the service of the clients.

In addition to team leadership for his legal Practice, Olufemi has superior skills in commercial ventures modelling, advising on and drafting an assortment of legal instruments. He also has commendable abilities at project conceptualization, management and implementation. He is up to date with the nuances of Public Policy formulation and has been involved in projects cutting across the national economy of Nigeria – the regulatory reform and national privatization programs, telecoms, construction and real estate, manufacturing, oil and gas etc.

Olufemi advised the Federal Government of Nigeria on legal/regulatory reforms for public procurement and the education sector between 2002 and 2007.

Olufemi has attended advanced courses on corporate and commercial law, telecoms, infrastructure project finance, arbitration, civil procedure/commercial litigation, negotiations and Islamic finance law. Being an entrepreneur at heart enables Olufemi to deliver even better value and results in his role as counsel to businesses. 

Olufemi's work has received several citations in Legal500 and as “the Counsel to go-to for contract advice”. In addition, he is adept at cross-cultural transacting and comfortable with dealing with the peculiarities of governmental /regulatory bureaucracies. Femi is non-executive/independent director of 6 companies and 2 not-for-profit organizations and a regular speaker at conferences of professional associations to which he belongs.