Finland is a Nordic country and a member of the European Union. The Finnish operating environment is stable and predictable. Our corporate tax rate is 20%. With the fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia and a high-quality infrastructure also for virtual networks, Finland serves as an excellent gateway between East and West. With a vibrant start-up scene and a Silicon Valley inspired business culture, Finland is an ideal R&D hotspot and testing ground.    

Aliant Finland

Aliant attorneys in Finland offer the highest quality legal services. We assist domestic companies with local and overseas matters, while also helping foreign companies to do business and invest in Finland and the Nordic region.

In such a dynamic and international business environment, Aliant lawyers assist clients with commercial transactions and international operations in a diverse collection of industries, including technology, machinery, manufacturing, energy, retail, banking, construction and real estate. We provide corporate law services to our clients and advise them on corporate governance issues. We help high-tech companies in developing tomorrow’s technologies and managing risks arising from intellectual property issues. We represent corporate clients, institutional investors, individuals and others, in acquisitions and other transactions involving the purchase or sale of businesses.

Aliant Finland was organized in November 2017 when Kauttu & Co joined Aliant. Kauttu & Co was founded from a well-established, medium sized law firm that was established in 1951.