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Małgorzata Krzyżowska is a partner and the Head of the Central Europe Practice of Aliant®. Her area of expertise covers commercial law, including matters concerning the liability of management of board members of companies, as well as civil law. She has specialized in providing ongoing legal services to Polish and foreign business entities, particularly in the scope of contracts, litigation, conducting negotiations and responsibility of Board Members.

A graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Warsaw. Member of the Wielkopolska Bar Association in Poznań, Member of the District Bar Council, Member of Legislative Commission and the Commission of PR and Legal Protection at the National Bar. Consultant to the National Chamber of Commerce.

Małgorzata Krzyżowska has over 15 years’ experience in legal service to business entities, active in particular in production, distribution of goods, tools and fasteners, mechanics, printing, mass-mailing and enveloping, IT, cosmetics, packaging, food. She completed trainings in management board member’s liability for a capital-based companies; participated in seminars in London, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Prague, related to: innovative legal services, legal aspects of international transactions, establishing internal banking procedures, functioning of legal entities with particular focus on establishing long-term relations with contractors, also completed the training in providing mediations and resolving disputes. She provides ongoing legal services to Polish and foreign business entities, in particular in the scope of contracts, conducting negotiations and due diligence. Her area of expertise covers commercial law. She acts as a legal advisor for Members of Polish and foreign Management Boards.

  Małgorzata Krzyżowska is an expert commenting on current legal issues or changes of legislation for trade journals as well as she is often invited as speaker for seminars and legal forums.        

The law firm has also been recognised by SkutecznyAdwokat.pl website. On 1 March 2013 advocate Krzyżowska was awarded the title of Lawyer of the Year 2012 of Wielkopolska. In 2013 she was also accepted as a member of a prestigious legal organisation – the Union Internationale des Avocats. She provides legal services in Polish and in English.