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ALIANT-MENYHEI Law Firm provides legal services in the areas of general business law, intellectual property law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, property law, tax advisory, banking and finance, trust, tax and estate planning and asset protection.

We make special efforts to provide clients with legal solutions under the highest professional and ethical standards in order to achieve proper legal solutions in accordance with individual demands.

We provide our client base with creative solutions which are discrete, reliable and strictly law-abiding in all respects, and which ensure the protection of their rights, and preservation of their property and assets in rapidly changing political, market and tax conditions.

The prominent Chambers & Partners ranked ALIANT-MENYHEI Law Firm as a first-tier law firm in private wealth law.

Asset Protection and Wealth Management

Our clients face changing circumstances every day. These include new taxes, changes in legislation, sudden market movements, inflation or changes in personal circumstances. These factors require the protection of their existing assets for which our law firm offers safe and comprehensive solutions with innovative, personalized estate planning strategies.

We offer personalized dynamic asset protection strategies to our clients in line with their financial and personal expectations. The strategy focuses on several areas: maintaining existing assets, growth, and caring for the transfer of wealth to future generations.

The main advantage of the wealth management and asset protection is to provide control over the transferred assets in such a way that the time of transfer, the amount of the transferred assets and the appointment of the beneficiaries can be fully controlled by the client.



Trusts represent a solution for many problems in business life. Among many other uses, most notably trusts can be utilized for the following:  

  • as an asset management tool for beneficiaries who are not familiar with asset management, who are unable to carry out this activity, or who simply wish to maintain discretion in their business affairs;
  • as a common management device for sources of funding;
  • as an aid in connection with certain business transactions (for example in optimizing the tax liability of the vendors);
  • as a tax optimization structure;
  • as an instrument for exercising common property rights.       

Tax Planning

  • Innovative solutions in the constantly changing tax systems in order to achieve the most favorable taxation


Corporate and Company Law

  • Hungarian company formation, complete management and administration of corporate modifications
  • Corporate law consulting
  • International company formation
  • Corporate financing
    • Development of the transactions, project financing structures and related legal consultation
    • Preparation of financing contracts


Securities and Banking Law

  • Drafting credit agreements and loan agreements
  • Developing related safeguard systems, editing collateral agreements


Real estate

  • Drafting purchase agreements
  • Conducting the technical preparation and implementation (documentation, acquisition, registration, etc...) of purchases


Commercial law

  • Preparation of commercial agreements related to purchases and sales, legal representation and advice in contract-related negotiations


Intellectual property law

  • Drafting of license agreements
  • Planning and implementing intellectual property structures
  • Trademark cases and trademark registration


Mergers and Acquisitions

  •  Preparation of the transaction, providing legal advice in the course of concluding the contract
  • Carrying out legal due diligence
  • Exploring associated legal risks of operation
  • Composition of  share and stock transfer agreements


Head of Aliant Hungary

Ákos Menyhei

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