Aliant attorneys offer legal services in various emerging areas, including blockchain law.  The rapid rise of digital currency technology and blockchain (the core technology behind digital currencies like Bitcoin), has disrupted the way the world does business.

Blockchain is fundamentally a distribution technology that allows data to be shared but not copied. It is a digital ledger that can be used to record transactions that are practically impervious to tampering, ensuring the authenticity of the data and maintaining the privacy of the parties involved.  With such a disruptive yet appealing technology on the rise, and no clear legal lines established, businesses and individuals adopting blockchain technology face numerous legal challenges.

Aliant attorneys can audit the token legal structure, apply the Howey Test, Family Resemblance Test and the Risk Capital Test, create the token sale risk matrix, draft the full set of legal documents required for the sale of tokens, review white papers, landing pages and press releases, conduct due diligence for investment opportunities, assist with token sales and even provide escrow services.