Companies engaged in cross-border business transactions and operations have a multitude of complex tax needs, ranging from compliance to planning. Aliant lawyers combine their international law focus with the knowledge of local laws to provide clients with tax optimization solutions that take into account global and local tax consequences.

Our international tax lawyers are highly adept at minimizing taxation of cross-border mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, international joint ventures and multinational corporate structures. We have broad expertize in tax treaty planning, controlled foreign corporation rules, running transactions through low tax and no tax jurisdictions and the more esoteric structures, like the “Double-Dutch sandwich.”

We work with multinational corporations, sovereign fund investment vehicles, private equity funds, hedge funds, opportunity funds, mutual funds, real estate funds, tax exempts and private foundations and many other types of legal entities and investment vehicles that are found around the world.

Here are some examples of what our tax lawyers do to improve their corporate clients’ tax situation:

  • Structuring M&A, joint venture and other domestic and cross-border business transactions
  • Structuring multinational corporate structures
  • Tax treaty planning
  • Avoiding controlled foreign corporation classification
  • Avoiding or minimizing global income taxation
  • Proactive tax shelter structures
  • Advising on compliance issues
  • Tax research, analysis and opinion letters