Individuals, families, startup companies and large global businesses rely on us for immigration advice. While immigration laws and needs are country specific, all of Aliant’s immigration attorneys are experts in their field, with years of experience and valuable governmental connections.  Just as importantly, we pride ourselves on our warmth, personalized support and clear advice. 


Our attorneys determine when a business visa is needed for your employees, and then prepare, file and prosecute applications. This includes business visas that may be required for brief overseas trips and immigration visas that may be required to move workers to a different country, plus temporary work and residence permits and entry clearances.  Our lawyers will also assist your business with the procurement of required documents, document authentication, background checks and various evidentiary requirements.


You and your family may be moving to a new country to pursue employment opportunities, to start a new business, to access better schools or to escape persecution. Aliant’s immigration lawyers will prepare your applications, assist with the filing and interview processes at various consular offices and if necessary litigate to achieve the desired result.


Aliant also offers investment-based immigration counsel. Citizenship through investment is often pursued by high-net worth individuals who are seeking alternative citizenship as a means of securing financial stability, personal liberty and safety, ease of travel, asset protection, tax planning and expanded business and investment opportunities. This type of citizenship is offered by many countries, from Western Europe, to the Caribbean to the United States as a means of encouraging investment. Although many countries welcome investors, the regulatory process is restrictive, difficult to understand and cumbersome to navigate.  Our attorneys will help you research best targets for citizenship, and then walk you through the process, ensuring full compliance and effective realization of your needs.

When needed, Aliant attorneys in your current country of residence will coordinate the work with the Aliant attorneys in your destination country, to ensure tax minimization, a smooth transition of assets and an even smoother movement of your family.


Our immigration services include:

  • Business Immigration
  • Investor Immigration
  • Individual & Family Immigration
  • Nonimmigrant Visas
  • Permanent Residency and Citizenship Filings
  • Immigration Litigation
  • Document Preparation
  • Tax Analysis
  • Consular and Embassy Assistance
  • Deportation & Removal
  • Asylum