Corporate mergers and acquisitions are typically some of the most important transactions in the life of a business. They can be complex and challenging, all the more so when they are international in scope. Aliant’s corporate lawyers can help you confidently navigate the process, from negotiating a memorandum of understanding through handling post-closing issues.

Aliant’s corporate lawyers have handled mergers and acquisitions in the US and around the world. They can see problems while they are still well over the horizon, and steer you away from them. We structure the transaction to protect your interests, fight for a better deal, and dig deep into the target company’s affairs to help the buyer avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises.

Here are some examples of what our corporate lawyers do to assist their M&A clients:

  • Advise on domestic and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Draft memoranda of understanding and letters of intent
  • Negotiate domestic and international mergers agreements and acquisition agreements
  • Structure merger and acquisition transactions to reduce risk
  • Conduct due diligence on target companies
  • Identify and coordinate with foreign legal counsel where necessary