The personal tax needs of a multinational individual focus on reducing income and transfer taxation of personal holdings, earnings from passive assets, business earnings and compensation for services. Tax planning for multinational individuals includes avoidance of double taxation, structuring investments and holding companies in low tax or no tax jurisdictions and extensive pre-immigration tax planning.

Aliant’s tax lawyers work closely with our clients’ and their financial advisors and accountants to optimize worldwide asset and business holdings to reduce taxation on a worldwide basis. This often involves working in cross-jurisdictional teams of tax experts that engage in extensive dialogue in optimizing a client’s tax structure. It is not enough to reduce taxes in any one country – taxes must be reduced in every country that our clients find themselves in.

Here are some examples of what our tax lawyers do to improve their clients’ personal tax situation:

  • Structuring multinational ownership structures for personal and business assets
  • Tax treaty planning
  • Avoiding controlled foreign corporation classification
  • Avoiding or minimizing global income taxation
  • Avoiding or minimizing global taxation of wealth and wealth transfers
  • Pre-immigration tax planning
  • Proactive tax shelter structures
  • Advising on compliance issues, including FATCA
  • Tax research, analysis and opinion letters