Our Trusts and Estates lawyers focus on cross border and local estate planning, estate and trust administration, asset protection, succession planning for individuals and businesses and minimization of wealth transfer taxes. These objectives are deeply personal to each client and uniquely important. What is the best way to pass a business to the children? How should the estate be structured to best accomplish both family and charitable needs? Should assets be retained in trust for children or distributed outright? How can worldwide taxation be minimized and the value of assets passed to the family members be maximized?

We help our clients formulate their objectives, line up ownership structures for business and personal assets, set up buy-sell agreements, complex trust structures and take advantage of the shifting international tax regime. The difficulty of planning is greatly increased for the multinational family, where the tax laws of more than one country can create onerous and unfair tax results. By working in teams, Aliant trust and estate lawyers from around the world help clients optimize all of their planning objectives.

Here are some ways how our trusts and estates lawyers do to assist their clients:

  • Drafting wills and trusts for domestic and cross-jurisdictional asset ownership
  • Structuring business succession
  • Structuring transfer of wealth to minimize taxation
  • Asset protection planning
  • Administering trusts and estates of local and multinational clients
  • Income and estate tax treaty planning
  • Research, analysis and legal opinion letters