Healthcare Services Alert: Legal Due Diligence When Using mHealth Devices

by Suzanne Natbony Suzanne Natbony

June 23rd 2017

How to Protect Patients and Data When Using mHealth Products and Services

“mHealth” generally refers mobile health and includes the practice of medicine or communications involving medical data via mobile devices. California Healthcare entities such as private practices, hospitals,...

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Introduction to Asset Protection

by Jacob Stein Jacob Stein

June 13th 2017

There are a lot of people who have amassed a considerable amount of money during their life. Whether it is from a family inheritance, owning a successful company, having a high paying job, been fortunate with their personal investments, etc. Irrespective of how they have accrued their...

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The Growing Cannabis Industry

by Jacob Stein Jacob Stein

June 07th 2017

Jacob Stein has just wrapped up moderating a nationwide panel presentation on Cannabis Law. More than 500 lawyers across the country listened to the presentation (presented by the Rossdale Group), and the presentation is scheduled to run several more times this year.  Speakers...

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Notes on Polish Law Regarding Employment, Contracts, Liability, and More

by Małgorzata Krzyżowska Małgorzata Krzyżowska

May 22nd 2017

 The term for filing an appeal against termination of an employment contract – Bartosz Stolarek

Starting the first of January 2017 there are new provisions to the Labor Code that extend the time limit for filing an appeal against termination of an employment contract. Namely,...

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Information About Poland

by Małgorzata Krzyżowska Małgorzata Krzyżowska

April 13th 2017

Polska to demokratyczny kraj położony w Europie Środkowej, będący od 2004 roku członkiem Unii Europejskiej. Tempo wzrostu gospodarczego stawia Polskę wśród najszybciej rozwijających się państw Europy. Polska eksportuje głownie maszyny, urządzenia i sprzęt transportowy...

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Applying Insolvency Exemption to Disregarded Entities

by Jacob Stein Jacob Stein

March 31st 2017

I.   Question

Here is an interesting question that our client recently posed to us:

I have a single member LLC with a significant amount of debt. The business is going under and the debt will be forgiven by the lender. How can I minimize my tax liability on discharge of indebtedness...

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Asset Protection Advantages of Cook Islands International Trusts


March 23rd 2017



For more than 30 years now, the Cook Islands has been leading the way in providing a trust regime which offers excellent asset protection features with all the flexibility of an English style common law trust.


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2017 Changes in Polish Law for Companies and Individuals

by Małgorzata Krzyżowska Małgorzata Krzyżowska

February 10th 2017

On 1st January, 2017, the following changes entered into force in the Commercial Companies Code. Article 209 of the CCC after changes states, that in the event of a conflict between the interests of the company and the interests of a member of the management board,...

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The Brexit-Silver Lining for Foreign Investors

by Jacob Stein Jacob Stein

December 08th 2016

As 2016 draws to an end, the world reflects on the ‘roller coaster’ year that left us with Brexit and a politically divided country. The economic forecast for the upcoming year continues to cause uncertainty for investors. However, there may be a silver lining in all this: the...

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Tax Considerations in Structuring Funds

by Jacob Stein Jacob Stein

October 14th 2016

There are many considerations in structuring a venture capital or a private equity fund – taxation, securities laws, alignment of interests, valuation issues and segregation of liabilities. We find that taxation tends to drive the structure of the deal.

There is no one “silver...

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